Android 17 is Dr. Gero's 17th android creation. He is the twin brother of Android 18.


  • Origin: Dragonball Z
  • Gender: Male
  • Classification: Half-Human, Half-Android
  • Age: Unknown
  • Powers and Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Superhuman Reflexes, Unlimited Energy, Flight
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Standard Equipment: None


  • Accel Shot: 17 fires a mutliple energy blast waves at his foe(s) with amazing speed and force.
  • Power Blitz: One of 17's trademark moves where he fires a powerful energy wave from his right hand straight at his foe(s).
  • Android Barrier: A protective device within his body that he can activate at anytime to protect himself from incoming attacks. This barrier isn't invincible, it can be broken.



  • None


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